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From hussayn <>
Subject How can i activate XSP in cocoon-2.2 ?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 09:10:45 GMT


I am experimenting with cocoon-2.2 and this is what i want to do right now: 

I have a lot of backend-java code, which contains a whole lot of business
I want to embed call to the java backend in my cocoon-generated pages.

Now i first thought, XSP is my choice, so i searched for this and found the
following tutorial:

But XSP won't work for me. I just get the content of my XML file, 
so apparently there is no XSP running for me. 
Well, sure, it is cocoon-2.2 and probably XSP has been factored out...
After some investigation i found this thread:

I don't understand the answer ;-(  Where will i place the mentioned
funtion() and how will i have
to setup my stuff? So i after further investigation i found this thread:

Now i understand the previous mentioned thread to some extend. And i ask
has XSP been fully replaced by "flow-script" in cocoon-2.2 ?
Further investigations seem necessary ... and i found this thread:

The author mentions "the xsp-block" . I could not find such a block in the
list of cocoon-2.2 blocks.
Is XSP after all a deprecated technology ? From the introduction chapter in
this thread:

i get the feeling, XSP is evil and i should move to something else

How shall i proceed ? I will try the flow-script way now, but i am
unsure, it doesnt feel right ? Flowscript smells like client side, but i am
server side (well i thought i use dojo for interaction... hmm) 

I can't say, that cocoon-2.2 is an easy tool...

Thank you for any hint.
regards, hussayn

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