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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject Re: Where is cocoon going ?
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 17:44:05 GMT

On Aug 26, 2008, at 5:31 AM, Ken Starks wrote:

> And if so, in spite of the general consensus that 2.2 is the way  
> forward, should I
> just stick to the 2.1.11 (which satisfies my current needs) until
> Corona catches up. ?

Hi Ken, I would say that there are only two reasons to ever upgrade.   
You would upgrade (a) if you need specific features or bug fixes in a  
subsequent release, or (b) to "amortize" your learning curve... i.e.  
if you feel that someday you will be facing (a), you might not want to  
wait until you are 5 releases behind the curve and have to catch up,  
when you'd be like those guys that post here saying "Can somebody help  
me upgrade my Cocoon 1.0.8 application?  I'm kinda worried about all  
my XSP logicsheets and custom sitemap Actions..." and most of the  
people on the list weren't even _born_ when Cocoon 1.0.8 was released  
(kidding :-).  So alternatively, you could have a policy of taking  
every upgrade no matter what — even though those point upgrades might  
entail some work, and may also expose you to new bugs — even though  
you don't get any immediate value out of it.

Or as someone has said (not in regard to software but it certainly  
applies here as well): "when the pain of the status quo exceeds the  
pain of change, then you change." :-)

So it's a judgement call.  But I would say that if you really feel  
completely happy with 2.1.11, and 2.2 has nothing to offer you right  
now, then... you should stay with 2.1.11.  Even if Corona/C3.x should  
"catch up" someday... unless you feel at that point that it offers you  
something you need/want.  But if you do upgrade to 2.2, then I think I  
would consider going to the "stay up with the current release"  
strategy, especially since in the 2.2 world a lot of upgrading is  
covered by "update a bunch of Maven artifact version numbers in your  

cheers & HTH,

PS — FYI, I'm on the cusp of upgrading a whole slew of applications  
built on Cocoon 2.1.8 up to 2.2.0.

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