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From David Legg <>
Subject Re: cforms
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2008 23:51:11 GMT
Hi Tak,

> How should I install Cforms block into "getting-strat-app" 
> environment?  Should I generate "myBlock3" and copy 
> cocoon-cforms-impl-1.1.0.jar (unzipped from the cform .zip file) into 
> some directory and link all three blocks together?

There is a tutorial on the Cocoon website showing how to add a Cocoon 
form under Cocoon 2.2 [1].  It may be a tiny bit out of date but it 
should tell you what you want to know.

Just to recap; a Cocoon Block is nothing more than a jar file containing 
files in a certain expected directory structure.  When you come to build 
a Cocoon application all you are doing is mixing the pre-built Cocoon 
Blocks that go with a certain release of Cocoon together with your own 
Cocoon blocks that get generated from your project's source and resource 

There is no need to create 'myBlock3' as that has effectively already 
been done for you... that is what the cocoon-forms-impl jar file is.

All you have to do is tell Maven that your project depends on this jar 
by adding it to the dependency list in the pom.xml file and Maven will 
download it and install it into its own local repository ready to be 
added to the class path when you run your app.

Hope that makes it clearer.

David Legg


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