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From Martin Heiden <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 3.0 skeleton project
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 20:12:28 GMT

Erasmo schrieb:
> There's a way to create an empty cocoon 3.0 project? I'm pretty new with 
> cocoon i have tried 2.2 using the empty webapp project in the cocoon svn 
> and i was wondering if there's something similar in 3.0 i tried the 
> samples but the projects include a lot of things and sub projects and i 
> can't figure out how everything fits i just want to use a controller and 
> a sitemap "ala REST style".

I'd strongly recommend to stick with Cocoon 2.2. The 3.0 Version is in a 
very early alpha state (it's the first release...) and not recommended 
for production use.

You can develop a REST-Style Webservice with Cocoon 2.2. Read about the 
StreamGenerator to get the XML-Message from a POST Request:

Don't worry about the old Documentation. The new one simply isn't ready 
at this time, but nothing has changed for the user.

I don't know if the StreamGenerator can handle application/atom+xml now. 
You may have to change the mime type in a Servlet Filter via 

After generating the XML-content to a SAX stream you need a custom 
transformer which handles the data and creates the XML-Response which is 
than serialized by XML Serializer.

Hugo Cei seems to have worked towards an implementation of an atom 
service. Take a look at:


There you'll find some ideas and code to extend.

Much fun!


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