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From Ken Starks <>
Subject Re: Where is cocoon going ?
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 12:31:00 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 11:29 AM, Ken Starks <> wrote:
>> ...Aren't these objectives part of Cocoon 22 also ?  I though part of the
>> rationale for blocks was that
>> they are--beyond a small core-- optional and modular, you don't have to
>> have any you don't need.
>> So building a 'lightweight' cocoon App would be part of Cocoon 22
>> already. Or are the core
>> dependencies of 2.2 already too heavy a footprint ?...
> I think the main difference is that Corona (er...Cocoon 3) is much
> easier to embed and use from other frameworks, as its core has very
> few external dependencies.
> That's an important criteria for people who just want to use the nice
> Cocoon stuff (pipelines mostly, in my case) in other environments, as
> opposed to building apps completely on Cooon.
> -Bertrand
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ah, 'Nice Cocoon Stuff'.

Well for me that is also pipelines mostly. but also:-
For the start of the pipeline, Read-access to a relational database, and 
simple access to remote
services such as SOAP. I am not bothered much about write access to the 
data-base in Cocoon.
At present I don't much use either aggregation or continuations, 
although i have dabbled in
them and like them both.

It looks to me as if  'Virtuoso' might overtake Cocoon as a kind of 
universal data-source
for the start of a pipeline. Possibly not, it looks like quite a hefty 
bit of gear to have
on the same server as cocoon.
 I shall certainly check it out.
... but as the manual is a few _thousand_ pages, possibly not today.
In the pipeline, I also like i18n, and a smattering of sitemap logic.
At the end of the pipeline I shall want FOP, although I may also
out-source some serialization to something outside of cocoon.

Will Corona have that lot in its 'Nice Cocoon Stuff' ?

And if so, in spite of the general consensus that 2.2 is the way 
forward, should I
just stick to the 2.1.11 (which satisfies my current needs) until
Corona catches up. ?

Yours sincerely,

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