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From Alessandro Vincelli>
Subject Re: Howto use Dojo "standalone" with cocoon ? (does that make sense at all?)
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 07:01:07 GMT
hussayn wrote:
> Hi, Alessandro;
> Thank you very much for your hint. This was exactly what i needed in order
> to
> get one step further (ok, several steps further ;-)
> I just checked out your svn repository and tested your dojo-block.
> It all worked like a charm, except one small detail:
> The link you published on your description page seems to be incorrect in two
> ways:
> 1.) It looks like one additional "/dojo" is missing in the url? I got it to
> work with:
>      http://localhost:8888/dojo/resource/external/dojo/dojo/dojo.js
> 2.) When i click on the published link on your website (where you write
> ..."Point you browser on ..."), 
>      i get directed to http://localhost:8888/cocoon22-auth/
>      which is probably not, what you wanted ...
> One additional tip: If you point your browser to:
> http://localhost:8888/dojo/resource/external/dojo/dojo/tests/runTests.html
> Then the dojo self test is called and executed. Maybe thats what you should
> publish
> instead of the link above ? What could you show better, than
> a 100% green dojo-self test page served by cocoon ;-)))))
Thank for your tips, I changed the links.
> (Although cocoon complains about missing resources and actually there seems
> to be
> a language dependency in the tests, which causes some dojo tests to fail due
> to different
> number formats... but this is probably something unrelated with cocoon)
> I will now start integrating this block with my own block. Now i think,
> things are working
> for me ;-)))  thanks again (also to Grzegorz for the additional links!) BTW:
> i'd like to use all this 
> material for our next video tutorial... Any complains ?
I published this code in order to share this kind of skills, no problem 
if you use this.

Bye, Alessandro
> regards,
> hussayn
> Alessandro Vincelli wrote:
>> Hussayn i'm working on a similar task.
>> I created a simple block that contains the latest version of the dojo 
>> toolkit.
>> You can get the code and some simple documentation on this page:
>> Let me know
>> Alessandro 

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