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From "Christofer Dutz" <>
Subject AW: Guide to JavaFlow
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2008 16:23:41 GMT


Thanks Torsten (Well I think you are the one I have to thank).


I tried my first Cocoon 2.2 JavaFlow thingy and it worked … one thing I
noticed in order to get it up and running:

In Cocoon 2.1 the naming convention was to name the methods “public void do”
+ name in the sitemap + “() {…}

In Cocoon 2.2 you have to leave away the “do” … I don’t really know the
reason for this … I found it sort of neat, because it made it really clear
which methods are called from JavaFlow, but I think since only JavaFlow
should use public methods of a Flow-Class, I will get used to this quite
easily ;-)


Two things that got me jumping up and down, is that I can do try-catch
blocks in a finally block and the static keyword is no longer causing these
annoying BCEL exceptions which only Aliens and Kyle XY can understand (Even
if the theory that Kyle is an Alien still has to be evaluated). I can
already see myself getting rid of my FlowXYHelper and StaticHelper
structures  ;-) 


Great Job Torsten J 





Von: [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 14. August 2008 17:22
Betreff: Guide to JavaFlow




since I wanted to use JavaFlow and it seemed to be impossible to build from
scratch … 

As far as I understood the problem. Apache cleans up untouched blocks after
30 days of inactivity. Unfortunately almost all apache-commons blocks were
cleaned (Maybe I should apply this strategy to the pile of untouched Todos
on my desk here). So you have to build the missing blocks on your own …
really unfortunately you can’t just check them out and “mvn install” them,
since this won’t work.


Here the way I finally did it:


1.       checkout the following projects:

2.       There are errors in the Tests, that will cause both to fail (in my
case). The skip Tests-parameter doesn’t work, so I commented out some tests
(Ok … I know this is bad)

a.       In
commons-jci-core\core\src\test\java\org\apache\commons\jci\compilers\Abstrac I commented out all the tests, since all failed for
the javac compiler.

b.      In
commons-jci-core\fam\src\test\java\org\apache\commons\jci\monitor\Filesystem I commented out the testDeleteFileDetection

3.       With “mvn install” in commons-jci-core I was now able to build and
install jci-core into my local maven repository.

4.       Now I have to modify commons-javaflow\pom.xml since jci-core is no
longer “1.0-SNAPSHOT” but “1.1-SNAPSHOT”

5.       With “mvn install” in commons-javaflow I was now able to compile
and install commons-javaflow

6.       Fortunately I didn’t have to change anything in cocoon and a “mvn
install” inside the javaflow block directory, installed javaflow.

7.       After this I was able to build my first Cocoon 2.2 block with
JavaFlow as dependency


Well … I guess I’ll have to check if everything works and if the failed
Tests have any unpleasant effect … but I guess only time will tell.


Hope this helps anyone



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