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From "" <>
Subject Guide to JavaFlow
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2008 15:21:30 GMT


since I wanted to use JavaFlow and it seemed to be impossible to build from
scratch … 

As far as I understood the problem. Apache cleans up untouched blocks after
30 days of inactivity. Unfortunately almost all apache-commons blocks were
cleaned (Maybe I should apply this strategy to the pile of untouched Todos
on my desk here). So you have to build the missing blocks on your own …
really unfortunately you can’t just check them out and “mvn install” them,
since this won’t work.


Here the way I finally did it:


1.       checkout the following projects:

2.       There are errors in the Tests, that will cause both to fail (in my
case). The skip Tests-parameter doesn’t work, so I commented out some tests
(Ok … I know this is bad)

a.       In
commons-jci-core\core\src\test\java\org\apache\commons\jci\compilers\Abstrac I commented out all the tests, since all failed for
the javac compiler.

b.      In
commons-jci-core\fam\src\test\java\org\apache\commons\jci\monitor\Filesystem I commented out the testDeleteFileDetection

3.       With “mvn install” in commons-jci-core I was now able to build and
install jci-core into my local maven repository.

4.       Now I have to modify commons-javaflow\pom.xml since jci-core is no
longer “1.0-SNAPSHOT” but “1.1-SNAPSHOT”

5.       With “mvn install” in commons-javaflow I was now able to compile
and install commons-javaflow

6.       Fortunately I didn’t have to change anything in cocoon and a “mvn
install” inside the javaflow block directory, installed javaflow.

7.       After this I was able to build my first Cocoon 2.2 block with
JavaFlow as dependency


Well … I guess I’ll have to check if everything works and if the failed
Tests have any unpleasant effect … but I guess only time will tell.


Hope this helps anyone



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