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From Мария Григорьева <>
Subject cforms + javaflow + sitemap problem
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2008 21:15:21 GMT
Hello, dear mailing-list!!! 


Help please to solve the problem:




<map:match pattern="*/*">

        <map:aggregate element="content">

                <map:part src="index.xml"/>

                <map:part src="cocoon:/main/{1}/{2}" element="main"/>


      <map:transform src="styles/main.xsl"/>

      <map:serialize type="html"/>



<map:match pattern="main/experiments/*.do">

      <map:call function="{1}"/>



 <map:match pattern="main/form-template/*">

     <map:generate type="jx" src="form-template/{1}.xml"/>

     <map:transform src="styles/input-forms.xsl"/>





In my flowscript : 


sendPage("form-template/experiment-template", new VarMap().add("experiment",


But at the output  - I have double-header part!  (The part <map:part
src="index.xml"/> from the sitemap)


I've have had this problem with the flowscript with the redirect function.

So, I decide it with the help of param "false"   --- redirect("url", false);


Help please!!! 



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