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From Ken Starks <>
Subject Re: RCL. Help needed with the rapid class reloader
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 10:16:58 GMT
Reinhard Pötz wrote:
> Torsten Curdt wrote:
>> That said - you are much welcome to improve the documentation once 
>> you got this working. In the end that's how this whole open source 
>> thing works.
> Ken,
> I've been helping 15+ people to get started with Cocoon 2.2 for the 
> last 15 months. Most of the time pointing to the tutorials was enough. 
> Seeing that you have problems to get it running means that the 
> tutorial is missing some substantial information. But TBH, I've been 
> running out of ideas. If you find this missing piece of information I 
> would really appreciate that you share this with us so that we can 
> improve the tutorials.
and in an earlier post he suggested:

> Once I saw it failing because the automatic compilation of Java 
> sources was turned off. Can you make sure that all classes are 
> compiled to ./target/classes?
This was the correct diagnosis of my problem. There was in fact no 
problem with RCS, merely a misunderstanding by me that it
operated on source *.java files rather than target *.class files.

Thanks to you and Torsten, we can now regard that problem as sorted (or 
to be more accurate, as never existing ).

I think there is therefore only one more  problem  before the event 
'..once you have got this working' that Torsten mentioned. For
which, see the thread 'Creating a parent POM'.

Beyond that, in relation to documentation, tutorials and webcasts, I do 
see room for improvement. Firstly, I think it was a
pedagogical error to include java in your __first__ web application. 
Particularly as it didn't work (see thread 'Java bean puzzle
using eclipse plugin or not'). The first webapp a newcomer to Cocoon 
should try should require a minimum of skills.

The other thing is the lack of samples. We need lots, each ready wrapped 
up in a parent directory, with a parent pom.

In Cocoon 2.1 we got loads of samples. As a non-java-speaker, I was 
quite rapidly able to understand ninety percent or so, and to
feel that eighty percent or so would, if  tweaked a bit, satisfy my own 
needs. I found, and still find, my Cocoon 2.1 installation on
localhost to be a superb tool with many purposes.
During the years I have used it, I have seldom needed Java, and IDE, or 
a build system for my projects. A tiny bit of XSP,  and  one
or two programs to provide within-sitemap logic. That's it.

I am sure there must be literally millions of people out there who could 
use Cocoon  to enhance their work in a similar way. Well, they can
with version 2.1 -- not yet with 2.1.

It was also a superb educational tool in teaching web-based  technology. 
It was the core of a course by the Harvard university  extension school
two or three years ago, and the notes were online. Excellent they were, 
but  they are  no longer available, and  it seems  that  cocoon  barely 
gets a

Bye for now,

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