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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Simple cocoon distribution
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 06:26:00 GMT
Ditto from me.   Not a major Java user.   XSLT + Flowscript + the standard
Cocoon components should handle  95% of all website needs.  If I can use
C2.2 without major investment in learning new development and programming
tools, I will consider upgrading.
Suggest that, if possible, you get support & buy-in from the developers - then
this could become part of the standard distro; making it a plus for other new
users who need a "jump start" route.

>>> On 2008/07/22 at 07:49, in message <>,

Tony Edwards <> wrote:
That sounds good to me!
I've been keeping my head low for a while - trying to get a handle on 
the new concepts when all I really nead is something like you've suggested.
I'm just not that into Java!

Stephen Rosman wrote:
> There seems to have been some feedback about how "hard" cocoon 2.2 is
> since it requires users to use assorted development and programming
> tools when all they want to do is use sitemaps.
> I've been working on creating a simple cocoon war file that you could
> "mount" as a webapp using a tomcat context fragment and then using an
> initialisation parameter point it at your cocoon application.  This
> would let you build a cocoon site without having to build war files or
> edit anything in them.
> Is anyone else interested in this approach?

Tony Edwards
Mob: 0411 636 761
Skype: anthony.b.edwards

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