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From David Legg <>
Subject C2.2 - Mixing SLF4J with Cocoon
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 14:30:37 GMT
I'm trying to add a new block to a Cocoon web app and every time I try 
to do a 'mvn jetty:run' command I get a 'java.lang.AbstractMethodError' 
and the web app just seems to stop serving web pages (error list shown 
at end of this message).

The block in question makes calls to the Sesame [1] RDF triplestore.  
The important thing is that, like a lot of modern Java apps, Sesame 
makes use of SLF4J [2] to do its logging.  I'm not familiar with the 
various logging frameworks but I think I've accidently walked into a 
minefield here!  Cocoon seems to use Log4j, Jetty might be using 
something else and my block might need slf4j.  Add to this that I've 
seen a report about slf4j not playing well with the Reloading Class 
Loader (RCL) and I think I'm well and truly stuffed!

Please, if anyone knows how to get a library that uses slf4j to play 
nicely in a Cocoon environment I'd be very grateful ;-)

David Legg

  [INFO] [jetty:run]
  [INFO] Configuring Jetty for project: meerkat-browser
  2008-07-15 16:57:35.032::INFO:  Logging to STDERR via 
  [INFO] Starting jetty 6.1.7 ...
  2008-07-15 16:57:35.112::INFO:  jetty-6.1.7
  2008-07-15 16:57:36.964::WARN:  failed 


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