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From Johannes Hoechstaedter <>
Subject Re: Invocation of init method failed
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 14:55:28 GMT
I will test it till I am stupid.

Reinhard Pötz schrieb:
> In a web application a parent classloader has precedence over a child 
> classloader. This means that if you put a library into WEB-INF/lib and 
> it is already available in one of the parent classloaders (e.g. the 
> container classloader or the JVM application classloader), the latter 
> will be used.
> The shielding classloader reverses this hierarchy. If it doesn't work 
> you might run into a bug :-(
> Johannes Hoechstaedter wrote:
>> Yeah you are right. I copied the xml api and xalan jars from the 
>> web-inf/lib into the edorsed dir of tomcat, and it works.
>> The shielded class loading did not what I expected. I set it to true 
>> and false, but in both cases the same old error appears. Is the 
>> shielded class loading the only mechanism by which I can make sure, 
>> that Tomcat calls the newer jars from my webapp?
>> Reinhard Pötz schrieb:
>>> Reinhard Pötz wrote:
>>>> Johannes Hoechstaedter wrote:
>>>>> Hello everybody,
>>>>> My Webapp grows. :) Thank you all for all your help till now.
>>>>> The next thing I am struggeling with is this:
>>>>> Error creating bean with name 'de.memocomp.myBlock1.service': 
>>>>> Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is 
>>>>> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
>>>>> This error appears only in Tomcat 5.0 with JRE 1.4. Everything 
>>>>> works with Tomact 5.5 and JDK 1.5.
>>>>> I managed to create a war file completely with JDK 1.4 as 
>>>>> JAVA_HOME. The manifest file looks good. Only Tomcat doesn't want 
>>>>> to start the webapp. Any suggestions?
>>>> My guess is that you have a problem with your XML parser.
>>> [uuups, the mail went out too fast.]
>>> Make sure that you use a new(er) version of Xerces and Xalan. With 
>>> JDK 1.4 you have to set the endorsed-lib directory correctly.
>>> Another option is using the shielding classloader by utilizing the 
>>> Cocoon Maven plugin to build the web application:
>>> and 

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