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From Barbara Slupik <>
Subject Re: Questions about migration from cocoon 2.1 to cocoon 2.2
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 15:46:16 GMT
I am using cocoon with maven and jetty in my development environment.  
I develop and test individual blocks. Then I build my block jar files  
and my cocoon application. Once everything works in maven/jetty  
development environment I build application war file and put it in my  
test environment which runs with tomcat. Test/production environment  
does not need maven or jetty.

I don't know if you can have non-jar blocks. One of my blocks does  
not contain any java code - just pure html, but still it's a jar file  
inside my cocoon application.


On 24 Jul, 2008, at 9:47 am, lingerer huang wrote:

> Hi,cocooners
> I have been using cocoon 2.1 for 4 years.Recent weeks I begin  
> thinking about
> migration to cocoon 2.2.After some research and reading the post  
> mail list
> like:
> I still have some questions about migration.
> My apps base on cocoon 2.1.x ,using forms/portal/flowscript/ 
> jxtemplate a
> lot,and combine hibernate and spring.My apps run on tomcat or other  
> web
> container,in most schemes,we just update some flowscript,form  
> define xml or
> other jxtemplate xml file and don't need to restart the server(It's
> important for running system).After I did some research on cocoon  
> 2.2,I got
> theses question:
> 1.Does my custom app in cocoon 2.2 must be a block?Can I just using  
> the core
> block and place files(like sitemap/resource files) just like cocoon  
> 2.1?
> The answer decide if I can migrade from 2.1 to 2.2 without much work
> 2.If ONLY block can exist in cocoon 2.2 ,can block exist in a file  
> system
> style and not in a jar style under a production environment?
> I pack a cocoon 2.2 war form trunk and run it on tomcat,I found the  
> block
> file will be exact to tomcat work directory,So cocoon 2.2 MUST run  
> like 2.1
> when pipeline needs,I'm just want to know if I can do it  not by  
> block jar
> but block directory and the change in the directory will automatic  
> publish
> to tomcat work directory.The answer decide if I can just update  
> resource
> files and not update jar file,in most cases this means no reload  
> required.
> 3.If block jar style is required,can the Cocoon Block preparation  
> work under
> production environment?
> In my experiences only spring osgi or similar provide jar hot  
> replace ,can
> Cocoon Block preparation provide this?
> 4.How does Cocoon Block preparation provide RAD with other web  
> container not
> control by maven?Or how to confige maven to use other web container  
> like
> tomcat?
> My team never use maven and all using Eclipse base IDE and run apps in
> IDE(tomcat mostly),I just want to know if I can just cut the  
> leaning pains
> for maven and using the old style way to develop apps on cocoon 2.2
> Can any help?
> Thanks in advance
> Roy
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