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From "Patrick Heiden" <>
Subject Re: Installing 2.2
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 19:31:55 GMT

> Hi Mika,
> > as an semi-amateur web application developer I have to say that moving 
> > on to 2.2 has been too big step for me. Not familiar with the Maven 
> > and even figuring out of the examples has caused me pain to understand 
> > what's going on...
> I understand exactly what you mean ;-)

Me, too ;) But Mika I have to state that missing documents are mostly compensatet through
the mailing-list ...

> > So I would appreciate a lot if someone could wrote "a stepping stone" 
> > page to those who aren't familiar with the framework which 2.2 uses, 
> > but who know something about 2.1. Or does it already exist?

although a well foundet introduction would help beginners, of course.

> Well... there was one attempt [1] but don't get your hopes up!
> I think you're right though.  We do need something a bit more general 
> than the tutorials [2] to introduce people to the new concepts used in 
> Cocoon 2.2  Just as important we need to say where they fit in and what 
> they replace compared to earlier versions.
> I did update the Cocoon tutorial recently [3].  If you haven't read it 
> for a while have another look and see if it makes more sense to you.
> If I have time I'll see if I can create a more introductory page which 
> could be read before following the tutorials.

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