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From Benjamin Boksa <>
Subject Re: Multipage form using an AJAX modal box
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2008 10:18:30 GMT
Hi André,

thank you for your answer. I know the document you mentioned, creating  
AJAX-forms is not a problem for me. The problem is that for the case I  
am working on at the moment I need to intercept/add some callbacks in/ 
… some parts of the existing AJAX framework e.g. intercept the  
bu:replace-answers before they are processed.

I am looking for some more information and suggestions concerning  
these parts - would be great if you (or someone else) could point me  
to some good documentation.

Thanks a lot in advance


Am 07.07.2008 um 10:11 schrieb DAVIGNON Andre - CETE NP/DIODé/PANDOC:

> Hi,
> Even though you're working with Cocoon 2.2, i think you could take a  
> look at [1]. This doc might help you.
> Cheers.
> André Davignon
> [1]
> Le 04/07/2008 18:38, > Benjamin Boksa (par Internet, dépôt

> ) a écrit  :
>> Dear List,
>> at the moment I am trying to implement a multipage form using a  
>> modal box [1] in Cocoon 2.2. To be more precise I want to implement  
>> something like the following:
>> (1) Read a form which is sent out by an existing flowscript using  
>> form.showForm("foo1"); using modalbox
>> (2) Submit the form (using AJAX) and validate it using the standard  
>> CForms framework
>> (3a) If the validation is successful display the next page  
>> (form.showForm("foo2") or cocoon.sendPage(…)) in the modal box
>> (3b) If the validation is not successful send the bu:replace and  
>> incorporate them into the currently displayed form
>> (4) After all pages of the form have been displayed close the modal  
>> box
>> I hope the general idea is clear, however I do not know the right  
>> places to start digging into the existing CForms implementation.  
>> (1) is quite easy to implement, however even though I use AJAX a  
>> completely new page is loaded when I submit the form (Cocoon should  
>> send bu:replaces at that point, shouldn't it)? (4) is easy to  
>> implement as well.
>> So which are the things I should take a look at (or is there even  
>> some documentation on the internals anywhere?).
>> Looking forward to your answers and suggestions
>> Benjamin
>> [1]
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