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From netBrackets <>
Subject Re: Can't match elements with colons
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2008 13:59:15 GMT
When defining OWL models, the # in the URI (FWIW, in OWL it's considered a URI and not a URL)
separates the URI of the model with the thing being referenced that exists within the model.
 However, out of habit, I was using the # when defining a namespace that had nothing to do
with an OWL model, so I think it was really my error.

On Friday, July 11, 2008, at 04:54PM, <> wrote:
>On 7/11/08, Jeff Schmitz <> wrote:
>> OK, figured it out.  It was because of the '#' at the end of the csv
>> namespace declaration in my xslt stylesheet.  This is a very common thing to
>> do when using owl namespaces, however apparently xslt doesn't like it, I
>> guess because it doesn't match exactly the csv namespace declaration in the
>> xml itself.  For any semantic web/OWL practitioners used to just putting the
>> # on the end, this could be a real bad "gotcha".
>> Jeff
>That seems silly.  Any processing of URLs should parse the anchor
>syntax.  The purpose of including an empty anchor in the URL of a DTD
>(or any URL) escapes me.  (I have not kept current with Semantic Web
>You could file a bug report for the XSL Processor you are using to help others.
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