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From "Dominic Tootell" <>
Subject Properties and Cocoon Spring Configurator
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:07:45 GMT
Hi guys,

Has anyone else encountered this problem, where you cannot specify a
directory as the setting for the system property

According to the docs:
or/1.0/1310_1_1.html, point 8 states:

*	If the system property org.apache.cocoon.settings is specified
and points to a property file, this is read. If the system property
points to a directory all property files from this directory are read in
alphabetical order and all property files from the sub directory named
[RUNNING_MODE] are read in alphabetical order. 

I have a properties file in the directory
C\cmc\metadataservices\config.  However, if I specify the directory as
the value for the property
(-Dorg.apache.cocoon.settings=c:\cmc\metadataservices\config)  the
properties file does not get read, and I get the error:
Could not resolve placeholder 'database.cis.driver'
But if I specific value of the property to be the file directly
.properties), then it works.

Am I mis-reading the documentation, or is this a bug?  Does anyone know
the url to the bug tracking for cocoon 2.2 that I could search for
future reference?
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