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From "Magnus Haraldsen Amundsen" <>
Subject RE: i18n in JX Template
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 10:05:43 GMT
The upper case was because of Outlook.

The namespace is correct, and it works when the i18n:attr is used in the
XSLT, but not in the JX Template.

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From: Andy Stevens [] 
Sent: 25. juni 2008 11:37
Subject: Re: i18n in JX Template

2008/6/25 Magnus Haraldsen Amundsen
> In my JX Template i've created a system to display menues.
> <c:menu>
>     <c:menuelement title="menu.topic" link="admin/emner/"
> i18n:attr="title"/>
>but it shows as
> Menu.topic
> How do I fix this?

Given that your tokens are all lower case but the output has a leading
capital letter, it seems to me that either they *are* being
substituted (and your catalog has menu.topic=Menu.topic etc.), or
something else is altering the title attributes (to capitalise them)
before the i18n transformer sees them and they aren't translated as
the transformer is probably case sensitive as regards the key names
(so it no longer thinks they match the keys in the catalog).

Or were the capital letters introduced by your mail client and the
original output is also lower case?

One other thought - is the i18n namespace declared correctly in your
template file?  Perhaps the transformer isn't recognising the
i18n:attr attributes, so doesn't think it needs to do anything with
the titles.

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