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From "Robin Rigby" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon 2.2 resources outside of a Block
Date Sat, 31 May 2008 09:26:04 GMT

To extend this a little further, my main data resource is a largish XML file
which is edited, updated, mainatined by a user, Mary.  She works on a local
copy and uploads via plain old FTP.  She has _no_ interest in the other
parts of the application.

In 2.1 I was able to make the Cocoon generator read the copy in ~mary/data/
directly.  Otherwise, there was a risk that in redeploying the application I
might overwrite Mary's live data with my test data included in the resource
structure.  I make a distinction between user resources, which Mary
maintains, and application resources which I maintain.   I had to copy the
linux directory structure on my Windows PC for development and use relative

I have been considering doing the same with 2.2 but the block structure
seems to make it harder.  What do other people do?  


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From: Zbigniew Bomert OP [] 
Sent: 31 May 2008 09:02
Subject: Re: Cocoon 2.2 resources outside of a Block

Grzegorz pisze:
> Your resources should be always (or almost always) stored in a block. 
> For RAD purposes we have created special helper plug-in[1] for Maven.

Hi Grzegorz,

consider a simple case. My application is working well, deployed in tomcat;
don't need maven plugin for RAD anymore. Now, I want only to change margin
size of 
a table defined in a css stylesheet. In cocoon 2.1 I could simply edit css
In 2.2 the css file is zipped in a jar and I need to redeploy the block. And
about the content served by the application? Should it be in a database?
This make 
it impossible to use 2.2 as _simple_ XML publishing framework.

Is there really no way to have the content (css files, content xml files)
zipped block? Don't close the door for non-java guys, please...


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