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From Stephen Winnall <>
Subject Re: HTML-serializer question
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2008 13:55:52 GMT
The problem is with the use of the cocoon: pseudo-protocol in the src  
attribute of img. Cocoon pseudo-protocols are only known to Cocoon and  
so only work on the server side. The <img src="..."> is sent over to  
the client to be interpreted, and Safari, Netscape, MSIE and co. don't  
know what it is. If you translate the "cocoon:/" into a URL equivalent  
using http you should be alright.


On 15 Apr 2008, at 10:11, Lehtonen, Mika wrote:

> I have this external graphics tag in my xsl when using FOP to  
> serialize pdfs'.(Cocoon 2.1.11 with 0.94 FOP)
> <fo:external-graphic src="cocoon:/selitykset/{$kunta}-{$alue}- 
> {$kaavano}-laatija_{$kaavano}.gif"  .. etc..
> But now I am building an html serializer for the same project. How  
> do I "convert" this into an html tag?
> <img src="cocoon:/selitykset/{$kunta}-{$alue}-{$kaavano}- 
> laatija_{$kaavano}.gif" .. etc ..
> doesn't work.
> I have a large file structure of gifs' so this pipeline is used for  
> finding the right one. So it will find kunta/alue/kaavano/ 
> laatija_kaavano.gif from the selitykset directory. I just can't  
> remember why I did so difficulty. Couldn't it just be done like:
> .. src="cocoon:/selitykset/{$kunta}/{$alue}/{$kaavano}/ 
> laatija_{$kaavano}.gif" .. without any pipeline? But then it would  
> demand some concatenation? A little lost here :-[ .
> Anyway that is probably not the problem but the right way to put it  
> into html.
> - mika -
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