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From "Lehtonen, Mika" <>
Subject Re: error in html serialization
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 13:02:26 GMT
Thanks for your help Johannes!

I believe I found the reason. I had  type="noncaching" definition in my 
pipeline. I removed it and now it seems to working without errors. Try 
it out yourself.


Johannes Textor kirjoitti:
> Sorry ... as I think of it, maybe you should use the less braindead command
> lsof -p [id]
> where [id] is the id of the process which actually runs cocoon.
> Johannes Textor schrieb:
>> Hi Mika,
>> while trying again on your site, this time I got the following error:
>> /home/cocoon/tomcat/webapps/cocoon/stylesheets/system/exception2html.xslt
>> (Too many open files)
>> This I think confirms my theory that your application generates too many
>> file handles, or that file handles remain open too long after they are
>> used by Java. I think it is an issue specific to your OS/JVM
>> configuration, since I cannot reproduce this problem here (on 32 bit
>> Ubuntu using JVM 1.5). You can find out how many files are being kept
>> open by typing the following command:
>> lsof | grep java
>> or
>> lsof | grep java | grep selitykset
>> If I'm right, then the second command should reveal that (too) many file
>> handles are left open. Maybe it takes some time for the OS to close
>> them, or maybe the garbage collector needs to come around to close the
>> handles - unfortunately, I do not know too much about how Java deals
>> with file system specific file handles internally.
>> Of course you could try to increase the max. open files limit for the
>> tomcat user, but it would probably be nicer to know while so many files
>> are opened in the first place. Can you try to find out more by using the
>> commands above?
>> Regards,
>> Johannes
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