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From Kamal Bhatt <>
Subject [2.2] CForms migration
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 06:45:53 GMT
I asked some of these questions previously, but I got no answers, so I 
thought I would try again and ask some more questions:

* It seems to me there are a number of approaches for placing your 
sitemap in an arbitary location on the file system:

1. You could use a mount in the block, such as this:
  <map:match pattern="*/**">
     <map:mount check-reload="true" reload-method="synchron" 
src="file:///test/{1}/sitemap.xmap" uri-prefix="" />
This what I meant about sitemap redirections.
2. You could use the RCL method and specify the property (though I 
haven't got this to work in the packaged war, I will have a look at it 
3. You could use Cocoon in classic mode and use the xconf
4. You could use the block servlet bean definition method:

 <bean name="org.apache.cocoon-welcome.block" 
     <entry key="sitemap-path" value="file:///path/to/sitemap.xmap"/>
   <servlet:context mount-path="/" 
       <entry key="style" 

So which would be the best way?

* Just wondering when we are likely to see the XSP block made available 
outside of the trunk. I don't mind missing out SOAP capability (not 
using it), is there a maven dependency I can use to get XSPs now?

* In a development environment, you can specify a folder that Cocoon 
will look at to get its class files. Is there a way of using this 
functionality in production without an overhead?

* I am having session management issues with CForms and my application, 
so I need to use URL rewriting. Is there a way of doing this with 
Cocoon/CForms? Is it still an issue with 2.2?

* One day I was looking at the 2.1.10 code, and I noticed a GoogleMaps 
widget. Is there any instruction on its use? Is it worth using?

* I need to update our woefully bad image upload. One of the issues we 
had was that we could n't validate the filename with a regex. Has this 
been fixed or is there a workaround?

* I would like to use the SQL transformer, but I see nothing about 
registering connection pools with Cocoon (as we used to have to do in 
2.1). Are the connection pools mentioned in 
referring to connection pools registered with the application servers? 
Are there examples somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated.


Kamal Bhatt

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