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From "Patrick Heiden" <>
Subject Re: [HELP] SitemapEvenListener
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 10:24:20 GMT
Hello Carsten!

> I have no knowledge about this spring/hibernate stuff, but if your 
> hibernate code is correct, it should work (ok, I know this doesn't help 
> you). 

> So, my question is if you're sure that your code in leftSitemap() 
> should really get to the session created in enteredSitemap?. 

Could you be more pricise on what you mean, I don't understand exactly. Do you want to explain,
that my hibernate-cleanup code shouldn't be placed inside leftSitemap() ?

> Could it be that internal cocoon requests are used and leftSitemap is 
> called twice?

No, there no internal requests inside my actual 'TestingCode' so far. But I would try to propagate
Hibernates Session trough such internal calls and don't register a listener on internal called
sitemaps. You could imagine the interceptor beeing registered to a sitemap wich also hosts
a main Controller for my domain model (via flowscript). Transaction boundaries would be on
that level and further internal calls would be inside an already opened Session. That is what
I thought is possible from theory ([1], [2]). 

> I remember that collegues of mine did the same and it worked for them.
> Carsten

Why they don't publish their results as Cocoon-component / bean ? ;)



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