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From "Patrick Heiden" <>
Subject Re: pom.xml / Tomcat
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2008 17:32:59 GMT
Hello Grzegorz!

> > I still have to remove myDomainModel-dependency from cocoons web-app
> block to get the app running
> > inside tomcat. Clearly this can not be an RCL issue, due to the fact
> that RCL never 'touches' my
> > tomcat, but this is a little misterious, still. WDYT??
> > 
> > Besides: I recieve the same error, when I put myDomainBlock-dependency
> inside another block (e.g.
> > myBlock2). Should there be only ONE dependency to myDomainModel? This
> would be confusing, since
> > some blocks should use this dep?
> To be honest, I'm lost with your problem now. If servlet API 2.3 is not
> included (there is no 
> dependency on it) what is the problem?

Well, i solved the 2.3 problem. I had some outdated deps inside my domainModel-pom due to
the usage of hibernate. This is no problem anymore ;)

> You can depend on your myDomainModel from whatever block you want. It will
> be included only once. 
> It's a job of Maven to guarantee that.

Here exactly is my problem: As soon as I add a dependency to myDomainBlock to more then one
cocoon-Block (no matter if it is the web-app block or some usual cocoon-22-archetype-block)
there is no chance to get the application run inside my tomcat. Is there any information I
could state so that you are in better position to help me with that?

Best regards,
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