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From "Patrick Heiden" <>
Subject pom.xml / Tomcat
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 19:16:47 GMT
Hello together!

I actually solved the problem with deploying my app to tomcat (thread: deploy tomcat). But
my fault keeps my headache awake.

I have a somewhat rich domain-model, persisted with both, hibernate and jdbc. That model is
inside my local maven repo. To keep my error-search simple, I fall back to the two blocks
known from the tutorial (myBlock1 and 2, where 1 has a dependency to 2 inside pom.xml, both
have a dependency to my domainModel).

I also used the simple webApp-Block out of the tut. Inside that blocks pom.xml there are dependencies
to myBlock 1&2 and also the dependency to my domainModel. With that dependency given,
there is no chance to get the app running inside tomcat (first there is a warning about servlet-api-2.3.jar
and then the FATAL :error listenerLoad). As soon as I remove the domainModel-dependency out
of the webApp-Block, everything is fine.


myDomainModel-Block was created by simple maven-block archetype, so is it possible that I
have to state %exclude-libs for this block inside the cocoon-blocks What I
mean is: does the RCL affect final packaging of myApp??

Looking forwards to hints for this one,
best regards
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