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From Tobia Conforto <>
Subject NullPointerException without a stacktrace
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 10:31:34 GMT
Does anybody occasionally get a NullPointerException in the logs,  
without a matching stacktrace?

Like this:

$date ERROR $url [sitemap.handled-errors] ErrorHandlerHelper: Sitemap:  
error calling function $flowscript_func
	at <map:call> - $sitemap_path

And that's it, no Java stacktrace, no flowscript line number,  
nothing.  I checked Jetty's standard error too, nothing there.

I'm using Cocoon 2.1.10, and I have %{rootThrowable} in logkit.xconf  
(which is the default.)  Do you think %{throwable} would make any  
difference?  I should mention that this only happens on the production  
server (of course...) so I can't debug as much as I'd like to.

Could this be a bug in one of my components?  I mean, can a bug in a  
custom component (I've written actions, readers, transformers, and a  
input module) cause a bare NPE, without a stacktrace?  Can a bug in  
flowscript (such as calling null Java objects, or calling them the  
wrong way) cause it?


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