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From Pierre-Yves Saumont <>
Subject Re: Confused over Coccoon vs. Spring
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2008 15:59:45 GMT
Yes, this is correct. Cocoon 2.1 was based on Avallon. Spring is 
definitely a much better option. There is a tutorial for version 2.2 
with a Spring example. But be carefull, if you follow the tutorial, you 
will have a very buggy example. (But a working one!)


Earl Lewis a écrit :
> Ahh... I think I've started to answer my own question. The Cocoon 2.2 
> site has plenty of references to the Spring framework. However, the 
> Cocoon 2.1 site, which is what I've been using and therefore 
> referencing for most of my research doesn't mention Spring at all.
> The Cocoon 2.2 site clearly states that Cocoon is a "Spring-based 
> framework (since version 2.2)". I assume this reference to "version 
> 2.2" is talking about the Cocoon version. Is that correct?
> Earl
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> *From:* Earl Lewis []
> *Sent:* Monday, March 31, 2008 8:42 AM
> *To:*
> *Subject:* Confused over Coccoon vs. Spring
> I'm pretty new to the whole Cocoon thing. I've known about it for 
> several years but just implemented an instance for some testing. I've 
> been reading a few things that are seeming to mingle Cocoon with the 
> Spring framework. Can someone give me a quick overview of the 
> differences or relationships between these two? Is there any 
> relationship between the two, besides that fact that they are both 
> Java based frameworks?
> I've been to both project websites and not found anything on either 
> one that helps clear up this question for me. Any pointers to 
> documents that might help me sort this out would be appreciated as 
> well. Thanks.
> Earl

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