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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: C2.2: undecoded URI params
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2008 14:02:58 GMT
Rainer Pruy pisze:
> Hi Grek,
> after a bit further investigation the topic might decompose to two problems:
> 1. The request (emulation) used while executing the "redirectTo" call from flowscript
does not really provide encoded vs. decoded
> values for the relevant input modules. (the emulation is obviously quite terse, e.g.
there is no "querystring" with request module).
> Passing values directly from browser works fine.
> Passing from sitemap or flowscript fails.

That looks like a bug because, AFAIK, cocoon: requests should be rather transparent so things
reqest:queryString should work. I think it would be the best if you created a simple test-case
issue in JIRA describing the problem. I could have a look in upcomming days (maybe even today).
for the work-around, I would use request attributes _temporarily_.

On the other hand, it would be probably *much* simpler to implement support for servlet: protocol
flowscript. This should be a topic for discussion on dev list. I have some ideas how to achieve
goal with minimal effort.

> 2.
> servlet protocol does complain over some characters that cocoon protocol just passes
over (try some x="b") parameter.
> (The '"' are "malformed" according to servlet: but tolerated with cocoon:).
> Presumably servlet: protocol is closer to spec as RFC 3986 does not list '"' as a valid
character for URIs.
> Nevertheless, such values would not reach so far if case 1. would yield encoded values.

Servlet: protocol uses internally class which conforms to RFC2396.

Best regards,
Grzegorz Kossakowski

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