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From "Lehtonen, Mika" <>
Subject Re: image caching
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 06:56:48 GMT
Actually, in this application, I am using continuations. Could it cause 
the caching of the pdf?
I have another little similar application, which fetches the image using 
http request and don't use continuations. I haven't found any caching 
problems in it. I am just not sure if these are comparable. They are 
still quite different.


Joerg Heinicke kirjoitti:
> On 04.03.2008 09:04, Lehtonen, Mika wrote:
>> I have pipeline which produces pdfs (with fop 0.20 or 0.94 or newer) 
>> using XML-data and images. In xsl I have multiple 
>> 'fo:external-graphics'-tags. While creating my pdfs I normally have 
>> to edit my images. But after the first time the image is introduced 
>> to the pdf, it stays the same although I edit the actual image. The 
>> editing is implemented only after I have restarted the Cocoon. 
>> (Cocoon 2.1.11 / Tomcat 6.0.14)
>> I have this in my pipeline:
>> <map:pipeline internal-only="false" type="noncaching">
>> won't help.
>> The image is also fetched using pipeline like this:
>>    <map:match pattern="selitykset/*-*-*-*.gif">
>>      <map:read mime-type="image/gif" 
>> src="selitykset/{1}/{2}/{3}/{4}.gif"/>
>>    </map:match>
>> What to do that I don't have to restart Cocoon beacuse of changes in 
>> the images?
> My guess is it's actually the PDF that is taken from the cache. I 
> guess the cache key for the PDF does not take included resources like 
> your images into account. If that's true you just have to invalidate 
> the PDF. I don't know how exactly your PDF pipeline looks like but you 
> might want to "touch" (in the Linux sense, changing the file's 
> timestamp) an XSLT or the input XML.
> Joerg
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