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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Javaflow - major memory issue: more info
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2008 00:58:57 GMT

On Mar 20, 2008, at 20:14, footh wrote:
> So, it appears that the continuations eventually clean up nicely.   
> Of course, a constant load
> would  kill the system as the continuation clean-up is too slow to  
> keep up.  Two things to note:
> 1) The expiry parameter in cocoon.xconf did not work.  It was always  
> 10 minutes no matter what I
> set it to.

I remember that was reported before. Should be an easy fix.

> 2) The bottom paragraph of this page:
> states that when using the sendPage method, no continuation is  
> created and memory resources are
> not used.  This does not seem to be the case as my test case uses a  
> one-line flow with a sendPage
> call.

Did you check the SendPage vs the SendPageAndContinue implementation?

BTW: What version are you using?

> Back to my specific case, I then went to test my full-blown  
> application.  After running a series
> of tests similar to the one described above, I discovered an area  
> that appears to be a problem.  I
> have a main application that uses a "primary" javaflow, and a sub- 
> application of the main app that
> needs the general logic in the primary flow and then its own logic  
> in its own flow.  So, it runs
> through two javaflows and thus two sendPage calls.

Not sure I get that ...I remember the limitation of javaflow not  
behaving if you call a sub pipeline with another javaflow as the  
continuation is (still) saved in a per-thread context.

>  To make a long story short, this seemed to
> cause a memory leak.  Running just the main flow seemed ok, running  
> just the sub-flow worked ok as
> well (there appeared to be a bit of a leak, but inconclusive).   
> However, running a page through
> both flows showed a clear loss of memory.  The continuations did not  
> clean up.
> So, this could very well be the source of my problems.  Based on  
> note 2) above, I must've figured
> this would be OK due since sendPage supposedly doesn't have a large  
> memory footprint.  However, it
> appears to cause a problem based on my tests.  I'm hoping the  
> experts can chime in here:  is this
> as bad an idea as it appears to be (running one page through  
> multiple flows)?

Could you give an example here? I am still not sure what you mean  
exactly by running through two flows.

Surely what is needed to make this all better and safer in a high load  
environment is to limit the max number of continuations and not just  
rely on the time based clean up.


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