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From "Patrick Heiden" <>
Subject [HELP]: Block conventions
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 10:34:15 GMT
Hello togehter!

While building a mainController-Block, wich defines my main routings and servlet-connections
(through SSF) I read the following block conventions:

Within the tutorials there are several options, describing how blocks could be connected.
So once a mainController-Block is defined and service-blocks are connected to it, one is able
to call piplines and fragments from the connected blocks. The above mentioned conventions
don't fit exactly into the described steps inside the tutorial, I think, because there is
no usage of the recommended conventions.

1) shouldn't the 'myXsltTransformation-service' from myBlock2 be defined inside the myBlock2
pipline with id="service" to follow the conventions?

2) what is the difference between the external-recource and the service-pipeline? The conventions
state, that external-recources are available to other blocks via servlet: protocol, but this
is also true for the service-pipeline, not?

3) the service-pipeline (as the conventions say) is responsible for handling POST, is this
'pure' convention to possibly follow or are there any coded 'details' wich automatically enable
this? The conventions are somewhat short on this point.

Thanks for any comment,
greetings Patrick
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