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From "Patrick Heiden" <>
Subject Re: application-context loading order
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2008 16:53:41 GMT
> >>> Could somebody please explain in wich order springs application 
> >>> context is created (out of all 'block-specific' contexts inside 
> >>> META-INF/cocoon/spring/*.xml).
> >>
> >> I don't think the order of the block's spring.xml matter since AFAIK a 
> >> child context is created for every block extending a common parent 
> >> context. So inside a block you only have access to the block's beans 
> >> and the one from the parent context.
> > 
> > that's not correct: All bean declared in META-INF/cocoon/spring/*.xml 
> > are loaded into the global application context. The files are ordered 
> > alphabetically.
> > 
> > There also exist *sitemap* local beans which are only available from 
> > within a particular sitemap.
> Ok, thanks for correcting. Just to rephrase it: Beans declared in the 
> sitemap (Or what does "sitemap local beans" mean? Are they Avalon 
> components?) are in a block-specific child context, but beans declared 
> in the block's spring.xml are not? How to extend blocks then?
 Thanks for your replies. After reading your JavaDoc API (from
about the ServletFactoryBean, I would guess, that there is one ApplicationContext for every
servlet defined. That means, for each block, which is represented as servlet (e.g. with contextPath,
mountPath, ...) there is a corresponding AppCtx, right? So are the additional context eithin
META-INF/cocoon/spring/*.xml loaded under that ctx as parent??

Best greetings,
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