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From "Patrick Heiden" <>
Subject Re: still exception
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 08:58:40 GMT
First I have to apologize for posting with different topic. I thought if I only change topic
my post would appear as new thread! Keep this in my mind!

> Thanks, have you considered contributing to our docs directly?[1]
> > But I have some issue with the tutorial "Deploying a Cocoon application"
> at
> >

My pleasure! :) I will check out [1] later on this day!

> > ... first I want to say, that there ist no file
> > myBlock/src/main/resources/META-INF/cocoon/spring/block.xml. Is this the
> old way to mount blocks
> > at root level, because I changed the mount-path within the
> servlet-service.xml and things work
> > fine! If this is the way to go, then updating the tutorial would be very
> nice!
> I corrected the docs, thanks for pointing this out. To confuse things
> more, in a final version of
> archetype this file will be named 'blockServlet.xml'. It took us some time
> to find the best name...

Yes, i can imagine...

> > But my main problem so far is, that after creating webapp-archetype and
> starting mvn
> > package:jetty run I am not able to get 'callingTransformationService'. I
> will paste the
> > stacktrace at the end of this message! Every other block-call (e.g.
> > http://localhost:8888/callingBlock2) works totally fine and before
> adding the webapp-archetype I
> > was able to 'callingTransformationService' nicely from myBlock1 (mvn
> jetty:run
> > http://localhost:8888/myBlock1/callingTransformationService). I am
> confused about this one...
> > 
> > Greetings Patrick
> > 
> > now here is the stack trace:
> > 
> <snip/>
> It's really hard to judge what may be wrong but reading from your
> description this issue looks
> weird. Could you send me directly zipped directory containing your blocks
> and webapp? I hope it does
> not contain anything confident. This way it's be the easiest way to see
> what's really happening there.

Actually no confident things inside my blocks ;) But I was able to fix the problem myself.
It has to do with the way I'd chose to configure my sub-sitemap and the mount-path of Block1
(wich has to be "" instead of "/"). But thanks for your concerns!

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