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From Kai Mütz <>
Subject RE: Newer FOP to Cocoon 2.1.11
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 14:55:44 GMT
Lehtonen, Mika <> wrote:
> I am afraid it won't help. I already increased the heap size to
> 2,5/3,5g min/max, but I still can't plot any pdf including raster
> out, whether the raster is at any size. It seems like something is
> totally broken but I can't imagine that a user could get the whole
> system to crash.    

You should try to increase the PermGen space, e.g. -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

> I am printing large images; the FOP manual said: do not use large
> images. So I don't know is this project of mine sane, but it seemed
> to be working nice with 12000x12000x24 rasters until I got creedy and
> add the pixel amount. It crashed and after that, I haven't been able
> to print out a single raster through FOP.    

I don't have any experiences with such large images. Sorry.

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