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From "Michel Erard" <>
Subject Listeners in Datefield
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 11:05:49 GMT

I've another ajax problem. I've a field with a date picker. Now, to the field is added a listener
that deletes the content of another field, if a date is choosed. the generated html is:

<span id="datum"><input variant="date" pattern="dd.MM.yyyy" dojoType="forms:dropdownDateTimePicker"
type="text" title="" value="" name="datum" id="datum:input" class="forms field active" onchange="cocoon.forms.submitForm(this)"></span>

So the problem is, that the listener is only called, if I choose a Date, click into the Field
and type 'Enter'. Is it possible to call the listener, when a date is choosed with the Datepicker?



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