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From Andre Juffer <>
Subject Re: jetty
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 09:04:10 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Which xml files are you refering to?

Just my own files (required for a pipeline). If I make a simple typing 
error in one of these files, jetty simply hangs up and I need to 
manually kill the process. I would have expected to see an error message 
plus a trace stack to see where an error occurs.

I have an example from flow, which goes like (out of my head):

var form = new Form(...);
var finished = false;
var data = new ...;
while (!finished)
  try {
   finished = true;
  catch (ex)
     var w = form.lookupWidget("messages");

So, in this case, there are no errors in any XML file. Jetty apparently 
cannot 'handle' the 'catch(ex)' part whether or not an exception takes 
place (the exception is for instance occurring in 
do_something_with(data) as result of the handling of the data in the 
domain layer). The catch portion simply ensures that if there is an 
exception, the error message is displayed to the user. Jetty simply 
freezes here. If I remove the while, try and catch portion (but keep the 
lines from 'form.load()' to 'finished=true', everything is fine. If I 
make a war file and deploy the above to tomcat, there are absolutely no 
problems. The flow portion above was taken from an application that runs 
fine with all versions of cocoon+tomcat. I must assume that there is 
problem caused by Jetty, but I cannot see why that should be. I am 
running this all on a Linux box (AMD64) with Java 6.

> Carsten
> Andre Juffer wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am testing a cocoon-based webapp. For this, I use the 'mvn 
>> jetty:run'. This all works fine, unless there is an error in any of 
>> the underlying XML files. For instance, if there is a minor error like 
>> missing an '>' (implying invalid XML), which is just a typing error, 
>> jetty just hangs up completely and ultimately gives an out of memory 
>> error exception. If that is not the case, the only way to stop jetty 
>> is to manually kill the process (on a Linux box). Is there a way to 
>> get rid of or change this behavior. With cocoon 2.1.* (and tomcat), 
>> decent error message and stack trace were returned so that could 
>> figure out the problem. This would be the preferred behavior.
>> Thanks,
>> Andre
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