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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Is there an "url wildcard" selector (equivalent)
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 14:12:15 GMT
I am sure you will get a better answer than this :)
but, off the top of my head, could you not implement
a selector, inside your general case matcher, which could
make use of regular expressions to handle any degree
of complexity - see: 

PS  I agree that its more "verbose" but then terseness was 
never a design goal of XML !!

>>> On 2008/02/21 at 03:49, in message <>, Rainer
Pruy <Rainer.Pruy@Acrys.COM> wrote:
probably a question with a simple answer.
However, I just failed up to now in getting at it.....

wildcard *matcher* is one of the most used components with cocoon, I'd reckon.

But what to do, when one needs to handle X/c/** and X/** (excluding X/c/**) different?
(At least if the contained components are not "final" (serialize, read))

("X" is an arbitrary path, not having any single path component "c";
while "c" is a simple path component (no "/"))

Using combinations of wildcard macher and simple selector does work, but is quite verbose.
A "not c" pattern is not generally available (decomposing c into positive and negative set
might work, but will be even more writing for c's that include several characters).

Any selector I did miss?


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