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From Andre Juffer <>
Subject webapp and blocks
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2008 10:44:02 GMT
Hi all,

Suppose I am building a 'Cargo' application. From a pure Java
perspective, I would have domain modules such as customers, shipping,
billing, etc, placed in packages like,,, etc. With maven I would create
a project folder that would contain a single src directory where all the
packages and resources for this application would go.

In the case of a cocoon-based (version 2.2) webapp, would it be correct
to say that the aforementioned domain modules could correspond to
separate 'blocks', each having their own set of xml, xsl, cforms, flow, 
java classes, etc files. The Cargo webapp would depend on
these blocks. The folder structure could look like:

./cargo/cocoon-app (this includes a pom.xml stating the dependency on
the three other blocks).

Would this organization conform to what is considered as good practice
for building a web application with cocoon 2.2? What exactly would go to
  the src folder of the ./cargo/cocoon-app, besides WEB-INF containing
web.xml, application.context.xml, etc. There are also 
application.context.xml files in the other blocks. The Carlo application 
would rely on Spring for bean creation, database access and transaction 

Would it make more sense to have a separate block 
('classes-resources-block') for all Java classes
instead of distributing them over the various blocks?


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