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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: MySQL "Year" vs CForms "Date"
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 06:32:45 GMT
In terms of code - assuming I have a MySQL "Year-type" column;

Case 1:
<fd:field id="Year">
  <fd:datatype base="date"/>

Cocoon will not accept a form entry with just a "year" value (e.g. 2007)
and flags the entry field for the user to reenter the number.

Case 2:
<fd:field id="Year">
  <fd:datatype base="integer"/>

Cocoon 	will not accept this as a valid forms definition, when trying
to access the form via the browser.

As an interim solution I have used MySQL integer column, with 4 digits
and set a min/max range to the cocoon form widget.

>>> On 2008/02/14 at 04:32, in message <>,
Tobia Conforto <> wrote:
Derek Hohls wrote:
> if I use MySQL "Year" column and Cocoon Forms "integer" type  
> together, then the forms validator complains that the widget is not  
> a date type.

This part I don't understand.  Are you trying to apply some sort of  
date widget or date formatting or date validation to the integer  
field?  (You shouldn't.)  What component "complains that the widget is  
not a date type"?  Does a simple integer text field work?


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