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From Al Brown <>
Subject modular database action
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 23:05:48 GMT
I'm trying to figure out how to use a mysql database in an cocoon action.
I'm using cocoon 2.1.10

I have a mysql database and forms for all the attributes of all the 
tables. When the form action returns the new values for
all the attributes in a table what is the recommended way to get a basic 
sql update to happen.

I found the modulardatabaseAction wiki document and I can see how I can 
make a descriptor file that describes a table but

1) where does this file go.
2) how does the sql update command get created?

I guess I can just put jdbc command in a java class and use the 
<map:act> to call the class but it looks likes a
lot of good folks have already solved this problem but the solution is 
not obvious to me. I found the ModularDatabaseActions wiki pages
but I have not found a how-to or tutorial and where all the pieced go.

I have seen the database connection stuff and the pooling stuff so it 
seems like I should not create another mysql connection in my java code 
but I do not know how to get at and use the connection in cocoon.

 I can query my database using the sql transform and that works great. 
Now I need to get data back into the tables.



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