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From anil <>
Subject Re: rcl & including jars for jetty
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 22:50:12 GMT

Hi Reinhard -

Thanks for your advice - I followed your steps and the rcl plugin did
acknowledge that the chiba jars were available. Many thanks for your

Looking through the documentation for the cocoon-maven-plugin I've been
trying to find out if there is a way to get other configuration files (i.e.
not the web.xml) to appear in the target/rcl/webapp/WEB-INF directory - I
realise that there is an applicationContext.xml & log4j.xml, but I would
also like to store the chiba-config.xml file here as well.

At the moment I am copying this by hand to the location - is there any way
to do this when the rcl goal gets run? For instance, could I place the file
in some directory under META-INF/cocoon and have the plugin pick up teh file
and store it in the WEB-INF?

Looking at the documentation, it doesn't appear possible at the moment.

Once again, many thanks for your help.


Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> anil wrote:
>> After posting the above message I decided to try and find out if the
>> rclwrapper.urlcl.conf file influences what's deployed to the jetty
>> container
>> when using the rcl plugin. In my pom.xml I removed the <executions>
>> section
>> of the cocoon-maven-plugin so that running jetty:run didn't run the
>> cocoon:rcl goal.
>> I then ran the cocoon:rcl goal by hand and updated the
>> rclwrapper.urlcl.conf
>> file so that it had references to the jars I needed within my repository.
>> This seemed to work, and jetty now seems to be aware of the jar files
>> required for the servlet filter.
>> Obviously I'd really like to find out how to ensure that the rcl plugin
>> picks up the paths to these jar files automatically so I don't need to
>> edit
>> rclwrapper.urlcl.conf by hand.
> As suggested in my previous mail, use 'mvn dependency:resolve' to find out
> if 
> Maven resolves your dependency correctly.
>> After all of this though, I'd like to follow up my initial posting with a
>> supplementary question if I may:
>> The servlet filter I'm trying to integrate requires a configuration file
>> -
>> which by default can be found in the WEB-INF directory. I would like to
>> keep
>> the config in this location if I can but how can I tell the rcl plugin to
>> incorporate this config file within the WEB-INF directory that it builds?
> The rcl goal adds all META-INF/cocoon/xpatch/*.xweb patches to the result 
> web.xml of the web application that it creates.
>> And also, when I integrate this into a cocoon webapp is there any way I
>> can
>> update the build process so that the config file stored in my block gets
>> copied to the WEB-INF area of the actual cocoon webapp.
> The deploy goal of the Cocoon Maven plugin also adds all the 
> META-INF/cocoon/xpatch/*.xweb patches. Otherwise it wraps the Maven war
> plugin.
>> If there's any complete source of information on using the rcl plugin &
>> also
>> how I should integrate config & other things into a cocoon webapp
>> directory
>> structure I'd be very interested in hearing about it.
> See
> (+ all pages referenced from there)
> Definitly not complete but at least a starting point.
> -- 
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