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From "Andy Stevens" <>
Subject PDF forms
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 13:18:58 GMT
Hi again,

Is it possible to produce PDFs containing forms (of the "type things
into the acrobat reader before printing or submitting electronically"
AcroForms type, as opposed to just printing some empty boxes) using
Cocoon?  I can't find any mention of them on either the Cocoon or FOP
sites, which suggests to me it can't.  Nor do I see anything related
to forms in the w3's XSL:FO pages, so I suppose they're outside its
scope.  I see there's an itext block in the Cocoon sources (though the
itext serializer doesn't appear in the docs) which simply passes the
SAX stream through to iText's SAXiTextHandler.  Is the expected input
XML format for this documented anywhere?  Judging by the samples, it's
certainly not using XSL:FO.  And, before I forget, this is for Cocoon
2.1; there's no itext block listed in the 2.2 docs at

--  Open source java Sudoku application

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