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Subject Re: Posting html forms
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 21:34:05 GMT
Hi Super,

Welcome to Cocoon.

1. Best Practices
There is a schism between people using Cocoon as a framework for Java
development and people using Cocoon because Cocoon is a very cool URL
parser and XML/XSL engine.  Your original developer belonged to the
first group.  While I love writing Java and have written Cocoon
Generators, I believe only new standard components should require
programming Java with Cocoon.  The previous developer was not using
Cocoon well.  You could ask this ML how to reproduce the function of
the WebsiteTxn Generator with standard components.  Our responses
improve when posts include details like what is desired,

2. Error Handling
Just add <map:handle-errors>.  There is an undocumented feature that
error handling does not work if <map:act> is used in a higher


On 12/13/07, super unknown <> wrote:
> I'm somewhat new to cocoon and have inherited a site developed using cocoon
> 2.1.5. I have some experience with Struts, jsp's and portlets.
> From what I can see the original developer created a component that extends
> ServiceableGenerator. This is basically used to handle all requests to the
> website and perform any business logic.
> Is this an established principal when using cocoon? The reason I ask is that
> the code is rather clumsy and is akin to the Magic Servlet antipattern.
> Also with flow control, given the following :
> <map:generate type="WebsiteTxn"/>
> <map:transform src="postForm.xsl"/>
> <map:serialize type="html"/>
> If there is an error using the generator we are committed to using
> postForm.xsl, is there anyway one could redirect to another section in the
> sitemap?
> Thanks.

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