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From Robin Wyles <>
Subject Re: RCL, Session and ClassCastException
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2007 10:33:06 GMT

On 29 Dec 2007, at 20:01, Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> Torsten Curdt wrote:
>> On 29.12.2007, at 19:40, Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>> Robin Wyles wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> When developing using the RCL it seems that after I update any  
>>>> file that triggers a reload (e.g. sitemap) any references in my  
>>>> Java code to objects stored in the current session result in a  
>>>> ClassCastException. Debugging shows that the object is still  
>>>> there in the session after the reload, and it is of the correct  
>>>> class, so does anyone know why I should get this error?
>>> The object that you put into the session is loaded by one  
>>> classloader and then after a reload you cast it using another one.
>> Correct. A classloader is somewhat like a namespace in xml.
>>  <a:tag/> != <b:tag/>
>> Objects can only be casted if their classes have been loaded by  
>> the same classloader. No matter they are maybe loaded from the  
>> same class file.

Reinhard, Torsten - thanks for your explanations...

>>> This seems to be a bug in the reloading classloader or the way  
>>> how we use it. Unfortunatly I haven't had the time yet to create  
>>> a test case that demonstrates the problem in an isolated  
>>> environment so that the Commons JCI guys can have a look at this  
>>> problem (if it's their problem).
>> This could be changed
> That would be really great!!!

I would second this, and if it it can't be done easily I think this  
issue with the RCL needs to be highlighted in its documentation.

>> ...but it's a bit of an effort and adds to the complexity.
> I think it would be worth changing the implementation because there  
> are many people that can't or don't want to avoid the usage of  
> sessions.

And also, why should one avoid the usage of sessions? For things like  
authentication/access control I'm not sure what alternative I could use.



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