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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Documentation about cocoon authentication
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:46:22 GMT
On 11.12.2007 3:23 Uhr, Honig, Job wrote:

> I have been trying to use authentication with cocoon 2.2,
> but haven't been successful sofar.  I find much of the
> docs quite confusing, to be honest.
> In previous projects I got authentication to work, but
> never really understood some of the details either.
> I am willing to help write documentation from a user's
> perspective, provided there is someone who is willing to
> answer my questions (there will be quite some, I'm afraid).
> I already have doc editing rights.

I hope you are not disappointed by the low interest on your offer to 
help. But the way you asked is not really the open source way of 
handling things. There is usually not only one person that answers your 
questions, many people might have to provide details. Just ask your 
questions on this list. I'm pretty sure we will get them answered. But 
you have to mention which authentication framework you are using, the 
old authentication-fw or the new auth block. Have you looked at for the 
latter one?

Looking forward to your contributions.


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