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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: flowscript vs javaflow - pros and cons?
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 08:19:28 GMT
Even if this thread might be a little old, I thought I shoud give my 
feedback on this.
I am currently usinf JavaFlow in two big Projects.
The first one is a fully equipped logistic portal for a big German 
logistic company
The second is an Internet Community (

The first reason for using JavaFlow, was that we had big Problems with 
Flowscript when deploying on Bea.

The ease of debuging is ceratinly a really big pro of JavaFlow. 
Unfortunately I can't provide any performance details, but since 
JavaFlow is not interpreted (As far as I undestood - they do some 
dynamic recoding when loading the Class) I should run a little faster 
... but this is only an assumption. One thing I can say: we never had 
any performance Problems related to JavaFlow.

There are several downsides though, even if they are not no-go-problems:
in JavaScript a modified Script can be loaded at RunTime. If a JavaFlow 
Class changes, the Servlet Enginge usually crashes. There were some 
comments on a RelaodingClassloader but I have no experiance with this.
There are some Problems using Static stuff. When doing the DB-Typical 
try-catch-block in a finally block (As usually needed for closing up a 
DB connection) the Rewriting component sort of breaks.
Usually I have a JavaFlow and a Helper Class bundled together. Since 
only the JavaFlow Class is rewritten when loaded, a lot of problems can 
be solved through this.

Hope this helps.


stevecam schrieb:
> Hello,
> I am a new Cocoon user (via Lenya), are there any major pros and/or cons for
> using the javascript continuations (flowscript) vs java ones (javaflow).
> I am particularly interested in interaction with a relational database to
> determine the 'flow' of pages. Ease of debugging seems important as well.
> Performance is not a big issue.
> If I can write and debug javaflow in Eclipse then that seems to be a
> superior solution, but the fact that continuations require 'add-ons' to java
> objects to make them useable maybe causes some side-effects that can be
> 'gotchas'. 
> Thanks for any insights.
> Steve Cameron

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