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From "Janne K. Olesen" <>
Subject Re: Accessing sitemap label-attribute in TraxTransformer
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2007 15:30:42 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Andrew Stevens wrote:
> You seem to be missing the point of dependency injection - the TraxTransformer doesn't

> look up its logger or specify its name or anything like that.  It just declares "I want
a logger"
> (by implementing a "loggable" interface), and the component manager gives it one.
> So to do what you are suggesting would involve changing the component manager, not
> your transformer, so that it uses the label attribute or whatever to determine the logger

> that it passes into the transformer after creating it.
> What are you trying to achieve, though?  If you just want your transformer to use a different
> name/category to the default TraxTransformer, why not just specify a different logger=...
> parameter when you declare your component in the map:transformers section of your
> sitemap?

We wrote our own framework using cocoon, inside the framework we are publishing applications.
Each application uses its own log4j logger for debug output. The appropriate logger is created
by an action, depending 
on the application-path inside cocoon. Available transformers are defined for the framework,
not for each application.
I'm able to set a logger for our Transformer using enableLogging(Logger) from interface "loggable".
But since we are 
using the Transformer quite a lot, it would be nice to distinguish the different Transformer

Basically I want to achieve a logger hierarchy like:

<application>.MyTransformer.<label from sitemap>

Greetings Janne

> Andrew.

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