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From Thomas Soddemann <>
Subject Re: Get port of ServletEngine
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 11:56:04 GMT
Hi again,

this is more of an issue related to the infrastructural setup rather 
than a cocoon one.
I cannot think of any standard way of retrieving that bit of information 
other than to have it available as a configuration option (e.g. via JNDI).
Since the web application container could be connected to an HTTPD via 
AJP or URL rewriting may be used before the request is received by the 
application container, or ... there is now way of getting to know, which 
url to use as a base for the current servlet.
The only thing, you may want to have look at, is the 
javax.servelt.ServletContext. There is a getRealPath() method which may 
be what you are looking for in your context.


Felix Knecht wrote:
> Yes, I need it before a request is made.
> Use case is:
> I have a worker zipping files (in a cocoon application A). Another
> application (B) send a jms message to the worker (A), which files shall
> put into a zip file. The zip file is stored into filesystem (A) and
> shall be made available for download via http. Application B receives
> and acknowledge jms message containing the URI to this zip file. Thus I
> need to create the URI for app B withing app A. Getting the host name
> isn't a problem, but as app A can be put anywhere in any servlet engine
> running on any port I need to figure out this port to be able to create
> the URI which is sent back to app B.
> In short:
> Broadcast a jms message to create a zip file and receive a jms message
> containing the (http) URI where the zip file is downloadable.
> Felix
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