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From Peter Flynn <>
Subject New server recommendations?
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:03:38 GMT
After much waiting I am now in a position to install a new Cocoon server 
for use by several document-serving projects (yay), with Lucene and 
eXist. I've been running Cocoon for years on antiquated hardware so this 
is an opportunity to Do It Right and demonstrate to people that this is 
the One True Path :-)

The platform is RHEL5 running Apache 2 to front-end port 80 so that we 
can host a few unmigrated HTML/PHP sites and virtual hosts as well.

I think the last time I asked, the recommendation was to make httpd 
proxy Tomcat (I trawled the logs but failed to find my message), but I 
do remember that last time I installed Tomcat from Red Hat's RPMs it was 
a total mess and I went back to a source install. Using RPMs via yum is 
a great convenience, but not if Red Hat breaks the config.

a) Are Red Hat's RPMs now usable as a Tomcat installation for running 
Cocoon? If so, which bits do I need (servlet, webapps, jasper, jsp...)? 
Or should I install from source again?

b) Does anyone have any specific Dos or Donts about this platform or 


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